24 October 2015

[Budget 2016] The "Diabetes-Free" Budget...

As expected, the Budget 2016 this round will concentrating on how to increase revenue of Government and spending cut due to lower oil revenue and subdued economic situation be it locally or globally.

Well, this is a "diabetes-free" budget without any "sugar" being dished out. Generally, it's not something to cheer about especially to those high income earners and businesses. In summary, please refer to below self-explained picture:

04 September 2015

NEW Public Mutual PRS Fund: PRS Strategic Equity and PRS Equity

In addition to its existing PRS funds comprising 3 conventional core funds and 3 shariah core funds, Public Mutual right now is offering another 2 non-core PRS funds for investors to choose from.

What's the differences between this two new funds?

23 August 2015

Weakening of Ringgit: Should we invest locally or abroad ??? (Aug 2015)

In the midst of weakening Ringgit currently, many investors are starting to feel uncertain about their next move. Should we invest locally or abroad going forward? What are the factors that we should consider?

In our opinion, we should go back to the basic of investing by answering these two simple yet mind-challenging questions:

04 August 2015

New Fund: Public Select Treasures Equity Fund

Yet, another new fund from Public Mutual for investors to consider. The local fund house want to capitalize on its local expertise by launching this new local fund which seeks to achieve capital growth over the medium to long-term period by investing in a portfolio of investments comprising small and medium-sized companies in terms of market capitalisation from diversified economic sectors.

Only local? How about foreign markets?

26 July 2015

The valuable lesson taught by GREECE... (For Malaysia...)

Ever since the beginning of the whole episode of the GREECE problem which caught the attention of the world, do you really know what's the root of the problem? Is it the people? Or, the lack of natural resources? Or, politicians?

Let's have a read here...

22 July 2015

What's Boutique Fund Manager ?

Good news to all young and talented fund managers in the country. Securities Commission of Malaysia (SC) further liberalize the capital market by introducing a new category of fund management license recently called "boutique fund management" license.

What's so exciting about it?

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