03 July 2015

IKEA Malaysia Whatspp Survery? Phishing Scam?

Recently, there is a purported IKEA survey and contest which promises FREE IKEA gift card worth RM5,000 spreading across social media, particularly Whatsapp messaging application.

It's just another phishing scam survey?

New Fund: PB Dividend Builder Equity Fund

Dividend funds have been the favour of investors when uncertainty of markets take place. The current situation of the market is just like that.

What's the strategy of the fund?

30 June 2015

Want to be an UBER driver in Malaysia? You should read this first...

Undeniably, more and more Malaysians are flocking to the un-conventional way of hiring the taxi service via various applications such as UBER. In fact, everyone also can become a UBER driver as long as you have a car and a driving license. Then, you can start making some pocket money by providing the taxi service as and when you want to.

In Malaysia, you should think again from now onward after reading this...

22 May 2015

Investing in Thailand's Kra Canal project? Let's read first...

It comes to our attention that some of our readers attended an investment seminar recently about this Kra Canal project. What's that actually? Is it another investment scam?

An interesting project...

26 April 2015

Personal Tax Relief for YA2014

Coming to the last weekend of personal income tax e-filing (if without any extension period), here is the updated list of various tax relief granted for your reference. Not much changes from YA2013, except on the following items:

  • NO more special tax relief of RM2,000 (ONLY available for YA2013)
  • Reminder: Each unmarried child 18 years old and above, with certain condition as shown in picture below, has been increased to RM6,000 since YA2013.

You may also read our previous tax-related posts below:

23 April 2015

The 4 New EPF Initiatives... Good or Bad ?

After EPF announcing that they would like to propose 4 new initiatives to improve the current scheme, many Malaysian voiced their concern especially on the withdrawal age. What are these initiatives actually? How is going to affect us? And, most importantly, is it a good or bad move?

From 21st April till 5th May (two weeks only), EPF members are encouraged to participate in the survey being conducted by the board via their EPF i-Akaun such as below.
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