25 March 2015

[GST] Car Prices will Drop? (March 2015 Update)

It's been hotly speculated by all Malaysian since the day one goods and services tax (GST) being announced. Malaysia being one of the highest car ownership country in the world, anything to do with car prices definitely will become the nation's topic. Here, we look at this topic as a whole with the latest updates:

Why everyone speculating that car prices will drop?

24 March 2015

[Credit Card] What are the Changes after GST implementation?

For credit card holders, there is confusion on how GST is being charged. Over here, we are talking about the service tax and annual fee. Currently, there is a RM50 service tax on principal card holder and RM25 service tax on supplementary card holder. After 1 April 2015, this service tax will be abolished due to the implementation of GST.

How about the annual fee?

11 March 2015

Explaining the Currency Dilemma of Ringgit... (March 2015)

While writing this post, major dailies are reporting that our currency Ringgit (MYR) is weakening against USD drastically. Yes, it does pose some financial risk to our country. We can't deny that we are on the losing side now and we as a Malaysian should know what's happening now.

Why Ringgit so weak?

06 March 2015

[GST] How it affects our Life Insurance policy? (March 2015)

Everyone cannot runaway from Goods and Services Tax (GST) which is going to be implemented starting 1st April 2015. How about our life insurance policy? How is it going to affects our policy then? All types of coverage also subject to GST?

Unfortunately, most of our life insurance policy coverage also will be subject to GST charges. It depends on what type of life insurance policy you mention. It could be pure life, endowment, child education, medical and health, personal accident or annuity plans.

04 January 2015

Understanding the NEW Base Rate effective Jan 2015

New year always come with some new changes. In 2015, we have this thing called "Base Rate" (BR) which will replace the previous Base Lending Rate (BLR) we commonly used for years. What does it mean? What are the differences? How much is the rate actually?

The new system of pricing...
With the new base rate, banks are allowed to price their loans products more efficiently based on their ability. How is the computation method being used for base rate? Read our previous explanation here...

The New Rate for different banks...

02 January 2015

How to Responsibly Use & Manage a Credit Card Account ?

Using a credit card doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are a few guidelines to follow in order to successfully manage your financial accounts, then you’ll be ready to go !!!

Be prompt

First of all, pay your balance on time. This is probably the most important factor in determining whether your credit score improves or not. If you don’t pay your bill on time, your APR may be raised, and there will likely be a fee. A great way to remember to pay your bills on time is to set up a reminder on your calendar. Google Calendar is a great option that alerts you via phone or email when something is due.

Watch the watchers

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