21 July 2014

MH17 : Insurance Cover or Not ?

First of all, condolences to all family members of passengers and crew members boarding the ill-fated flight MH17. This is a tragic all of us also don't want or expecting it to happen. Justice must be found and those responsible for this tragedy must be punished.

Come back to the question.
Does this MH17 event covered by insurance ?

06 July 2014

YSLM was another Pyramid Scheme? How it Works?

It was so hot that it appeared in major daily newspaper recently on this YSLM scheme. After a brief checked on it, there are a few funny facts that come across Finance Malaysia mind. For a mere RM300, anyone can start to jump into this so-called business (business of get conned and conning people?).

Let's have a read below:

20 June 2014

TA Regular Income Fund

In an ever-changing world, TA Investment Management Berhad are proud to announce to you the launch of TA Regular Income Fund. IOP starts from 16 June - 30 July 2014

Reasons not to miss this investment opportunities:

20 May 2014

Should MAS Went into Bankruptcy? (May 2014)

This is really a multi-billion ringgit question. Since MH370 flew to the great Indian ocean, the share price of MAS also went that deep down under. It has fallen to as low as RM0.15 on 19th May 2014, the lowest level in at least 10 years. It was the most actively traded penny stocks in Bursa Malaysia for past few days.

What should be the best solution for MAS ?

30 April 2014

YA2013 Special Tax Relief ?

I know I know. This may sound too late for you, but I'm sure there are many of you out there are last-minute taxpayers. Even said so, for those of you already filed for your 2013 personal income recently, do you realized that there is this "Special Relief" ?

Example to show the stated "Special Relief" under tax summary page

What's that?
Am I entitle for it?

25 March 2014

New Fund: CIMB-Principal Global Multi Asset Income Fund

Are you looking for a fund that's truly diversified? Look no further. With this new fund, it offers income from a range of different asset classes comprising of global equities and global fixed income securities.

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